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Biography of MANDRAGORA
Mandragora, a Melodic Death Metal band from Lithuania, that’s been around since1998. In 1998 the band was established by a guitar player Rimas. In the same year the first 4-song demo called “Destiny” had been released. It gave way for the band to play in the local metal scene. Throughout year 1999 the band had been playing in multiple concerts, and had received great feedback from Lithuanian public. Same year another demo “MCMXCIX” had been released. In 2000 Mandragora established itself as one of the strongest metal bands in Lithuania, performing alongside other well-known local bands, such as Ruination, Dissimulation, Obtest ect. The third demo „Posthumous art“ had been recorded. During year 2001 – 2002 the band played multiple concerts, supporting Insomnium in Lithuania, and sharing the stage with other Lithuanian bands, such as Katedra, Shadowdances, etc. In 2003 work on the debut album began.In 2004 the band continued its work on the album, without stopping the on-stage activity. Among others, the band supported Dismember in Lithuania.The album “At The End” was released in 2005. This gave way for the band to perform outside Lithuania, along with some of the most famous Prebaltic metal bands, such as Neglected fields,Skyforger,Morrigan, etc. In 2006 the band changed drastically composition-wise.Throughout year 2007, the newly-formed band continued performing in Lithuania, at the same time composing new material for the next album. In 2008 Mandragora participated in the W.O.A. “Metal Battle Lithuania“, becoming the winner of the contest. It thus played in the W.O.A. “Metal Battle“ finals in Germany. Throughout year 2009 the preparations for recording the new album took place. From Spring of 2010, the recording of the second album began. It took place at Phoenix Records (owned by one of the best Prebaltic sound engineers Gints Lundbergs) in Latvia.In 2011 the new album”Carnal cage” was completed and the band signed a contract with the Sg records. In the same year the band is playing at the Devilstone festival, along with Benediction,Susperia, Gama Bomb, among other strongest foreing and Lithuanian bands. Mandragora was picked as the best metal band by a Lithuanian alternative music awards “T.Ė.T.Ė 2011”. In 2012 the new album “Carnal cage” is finally ready to be published by Sg records.

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